Within the first 30 seconds of “Reddy 2 Ride,” a smokin’ hot track on The Jaystorm Project’s latest release A Brand New Funk: The EP, you’re already knee deep in high-energy rock/bluesy funk greatness.

Fronted by Jaystorm – a Tennessee-native and rising favorite Southern bluesy, funk, hip-hop son – his latest musical incarnation as “The Jaystorm Project” The Jaystorm Project serves up a backing band and a booty-shakin’ style that accentuates his strong, but yet smooth delivery of slick witty lyrics and bluesy funk sound that is part Motown, part old school hip-hop, with an edge of rock which leaves you with total musical genius.

Raised in a musical family, Jaystorm’s earliest exposure to music came through relatives who performed in church, and from a deeply soulful mix of music listened to by his immediate family and peers. Jaystorm was into older hip-hop like RUN-D.M.C., Beastie Boys, Public Enemy and rock radio hits of his youth, but it wasn’t until constant hearing & growing up with this eclectic gathering of music did he discover his natural talent for musical performance and later realizing a funky musical destiny awaited him.

Street dancing and lip synching gave Jaystorm the courage to seriously attempt a singing career, and it turns out he has one hell of an R&B/Blues voice inside him… ask any lady who has ever had the sultry privilege to be personally swooned and seduced by his sexy voice. Jaystorm went on to form and join a number of regional groups and found success in each, but didn’t truly capture his musical magic until forming The Jaystorm Project. From his classic R&B/Bluesy styles, to the old-school hip-hop flavors he adds to a song and the frequent rock and pop covers he tosses in the mix, Jaystorm on disc and especially live in concert definitely has something for everybody.

Now that he’s has hundreds of performances under his belt and a very accomplished funk/rock band of musicians behind him, Jaystorm turns philosophic as he puts the finishing touches on a live project.


For me, the musical magic is when I hit the height of a song and everybody is watching every move I make, and when the song ends, everybody’s applauding so loud I can’t even hear myself speak. That’s when I’ve just delivered my soul to the audience. The feeling of that is unbeatable,” he says, “And I really don’t want to exist without it. It’s a drug that I have to have…. Me without music in my life is like cereal without the milk type thing or even like having  love without happiness. I gotta have it